Monday 24th Sep, 2018

A weaker-than-expected TC Joyce bears down on the Pilbara

Photo: Image of TC Joyce wind at 10.59am 12/01/2018; credit
Photo: Image of TC Joyce wind at 10.59am 12/01/2018; credit

TROPICAL Cyclone Joyce has closed ports in the Pilbara and western Kimberley, but the storm has not gained strength as the Bureau of Meteorology predicted.

Pilbara Ports Authority announced it would close Port Hedland and clear vessels from the port yesterday ahead of the storm.

PPA is monitoring weather at the ports of Ashburton and Dampier.

The Port of Broome remains closed until further notice, according to the latest local marine notice issued by Kimberly Ports Authority on Wednesday.

The BOM predicts gales with gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour in the area between Broome and Wallal Downs, with the area possibly extending to Port Hedland tonight or tomorrow. Heavy rainfall is expected with daily rainfall totals of around 50mm to 100mm.

The Bureau classed TC Joyce as a Category 1 cyclone, downgrading earlier forecasts that predicted it would be. It previously predicted the storm would reach Category 3 strength by this evening.

Category 1 storms have a maximum mean wind speed of 63-88 kilometres per hour, causing “negligible” damage to houses. Category 3 storms have wind speeds of 118-159 kilometres per hour, with typical effects including some roof and structural damage and likely power failures.

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