Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

ACCC allegedly inquiring into Newcastle container fees

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

PORT of Newcastle has recently become vocal about building a container terminal at its Mayfield site, but such a development has been hampered by per-container fee levied by the state government for containers handled above 30,000 TEU per year.

The Newcastle Herald has today (5 April) reported the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has “concerns about arrangements that may limit or prevent the development of a container terminal at the Port of Newcastle”.

A spokesperson from the ACCC told Daily Cargo News recent developments raise concerns that contractual restrictions prevent the expansion of container throughput at “certain ports”.

“We are concerned that these restrictions may limit competition, so that customers exporting commodities, such as cotton and grain producers, are faced with less competitive prices and fewer options to bring their products efficiently to market,” the spokesperson said.

“We have considered these issues over time, however, there are some recent developments that have renewed our interest.”

In a recent interview with DCN, Port of Newcastle CEO Geoff Crowe said there is strong interest in and support for developing a container terminal at the Port, which would complement New South Wales’ other container terminals.

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