Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Aussie and kiwi rail operators promote harm prevention

Photo: TrackSAFE Foundation
Photo: TrackSAFE Foundation

EFFORTS to promote wellbeing among others are getting a boost today (12 April) thanks to the fourth annual Rail ‘R U OK?’ Day being promoted in Australia and New Zealand.

Joining this initiative are suicide and harm prevention charities R U OK? and the TrackSAFE Foundation.

“Through the initiative Rail R U OK? Day we are helping rail industry workers feel safe and genuinely supported at work,” said TrackSAFE Foundation chairman Bob Herbert AM.

Photo: TrackSAFE Foundation
Photo: TrackSAFE Foundation

“Due to the nature of the roles in the rail industry, there are some workers who could potentially be exposed to traumatic incidents as part of their jobs.

“The Rail R U OK? Day initiative is aimed at helping rail employees deal with these confronting challenges they may face at work, (along with life’s challenges) and connecting in a meaningful way to co-workers. There’s a real difference between small talk and genuinely asking the question of a workmate, ‘are you really ok’?”

In the eight-week lead up to Rail R U OK? Day, TrackSAFE and R U OK? sent an interactive digital question mark named ‘Quentin’ on a relay-styled trip travelling every state and territory via rail.

In addition, R U OK?-branded locomotives from Pacific National and Aurizon are to act as visual reminders to Australians to join the conversation movement by checking in with friends and loved ones, as they pass through cities and regional towns in Western Australia and Queensland.

R U OK? Ambassadors and former NRL players Daniel Conn and Brett Finch are to help spread the word that having a genuine conversation with a workmate who doesn’t seem themselves, can be life-changing.

R U OK chief executive Brendan Maher said, “R U OK? is committed to continuing the collaboration with TrackSAFE to support rail workers who were often faced with work related stressors and need additional support.

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