Friday 16th Nov, 2018
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TRADE & THE LAW: Smoothing supply chains

Lawyer Andrew Hudson discusses the private sector modernising its practices

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INDUSTRY OPINION: The proposed new charge on LVTs – when a processing charge is not a tax

There has been significant commentary on the proposal for the introduction of a processing charge on certain low – value…
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The latest trade deal isn’t perfect but is still a welcome counterbalance against protectionism, writes Andrew Hudson


INDUSTRY OPINION: Agreement reached on the CPTPP with signing in March 2018

MANY of you would be aware of the tradition from Papal elections where white smoke from the Vatican indicates the…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Australia initiates WTO action against Canadian restrictions on wine exports

ON 17 January 2018 a series of media stories announced that Australia had initiated the WTO “disputes” process against Canada…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: The Trans-Pacific Partnership “re-imagined” no longer a mirage?

TO ADAPT one of the literary world’s great quotes it would appear that ‘the news of the death of the TPP…
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SPECIAL REPORT: Trade-Related Financial Services and Insurance

Finance and insurance keep the supply chain circulating, writes ANDREW HUDSON*

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INDUSTRY OPINION: GST on LVT – the Bill that keeps on giving

AS PREVIOUSLY reported, the Bill to impose GST on low value imported goods (LVTs) has recently passed through our Federal…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: 12 months since the Hanjin collapse – are we better yet?

IT ONLY seems like yesterday but it has been almost 12 months since the attention of the global supply chain…
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