Wednesday 26th Sep, 2018
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OPINION: Frigates, just what are we paying for?

Captain Harry fears we are forking out big money for frigates that may be obsolete long before their date of decommission

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OPINION: Securing our future in Asia

Captain Harry seeks to plot a course through the sometimes treacherous shoals of the Asia-Pacific region for Australian business and trade

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OPINION: Concerns over Australia’s fuel security highlights the need for a national fleet, writes Captain Harry Mansson

Sir, In my column of 9 November 2017 (“The Shipping Life with Captain Harry”) I repeated my earlier concerns over…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: That’s about all. For now

THE time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, Of…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: All quiet on the coastal front

IN THE October 5 issue, we included a polite Open Memo for Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten calling for a…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: Australia’s foreign flag fuel crisis risk

FROM recent media reports it seems we have yet another issue linked with the absence of Australian-controlled shipping supposedly serving our…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: Australia needs Australian flag shipping

THIS issue is no novelty for any readers or for myself. The question has been asked of me why this…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: Strains of a life at sea

THERE are so many aspects of this form of existence in the latter parts of the 1900s. Crew didn’t have…
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THE SHIPPING LIFE: Navigating the high seas

Our Tasmanian flop EVERYTHING in our business didn’t always turn out to be beer and skittles, far from it, but in any dynamic business…
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