Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018
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WORD FROM THE MINISTER: Inland Rail – last century’s good idea is this century’s reality

Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, reflects on the future of freight in an era of Inland Rail


DCN Directory up and running

The Directory is your one-stop-shop for contacts and more for anyone and everyone in the Australian maritime industry


INDUSTRY OPINION: Future-proofing the nation’s strategic maritime skills

Australia’s capacity to participate in global trade and meet safety and environmental standards is reliant upon professional shipping expertise, writes Teresa Lloyd*

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WOMEN IN MARITIME: The challenge of change

Jillian Carson-Jackson* examines efforts to bring about greater gender diversity in the maritime workforce


THE GRILL: Jonathan Lafforgue

Jonathan Lafforgue, general manager, operations and environment for NSW Ports, talks bulk liquids, windsurfing and rediscovering Lego

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WORD FROM THE MINISTER: Freight… driving productivity in Australia

Michael McCormack, deputy prime minister and minister for infrastructure and transport, discusses how to bring about a more efficient supply chain

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FUTURE GENERATIONS: The next generation in the invisible shipping industry

Shipping is facing a big problem in sourcing the next generation of seafarers, with younger people leaving the industry, or not joining at all, writes Stephen Westfield*

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LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN SPECIAL REPORT: Intermodal project a boon for QLD businesses

InterLinkSQ is about connecting the growing south-west region of Queensland to the Port of Brisbane and the international market

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Kalmar to provide machines to ACFS

These machines will move containers in Adelaide, Fremantle and Melbourne