Thursday 13th Dec, 2018
Queensland Rail

Ground broken for construction of Inland Rail

The Inland Rail is set to provide a vital freight link between Melbourne and Brisbane


Kalmar forklifts help ensure drilling continues in extreme weather

The logistics company is supply forklifts to one of Algeria’s largest companies

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HHL files for insolvency

“Ongoing structural challenges” in the heavy lift shipping sector appear to have taken a toll on one prominent operator

Photo: Jim Wilson and Hema Maps

Cairns Port designated as “critical infrastructure”

Warren Entsch believes the designation of Cairns as critical infrastructure will aid development


Sugar code of conduct ensure exports, says government

A review into the sugar code attracted plenty of comment


Car tyres and containers found from YM Efficiency

Efforts are ongoing to locate containers missing from the box ship YM Efficiency

Photo: Rightship

Warwick Norman to talk data trends at conference

Good data can be a tremendous asset, but in the wrong hands it can lead to harmful outcomes

Powerhouse Logistics

A giraffe went over the Tasman

ANL and Powerhouse Logistics teamed up to facilitate the journey of Mabuti the giraffe from Adelaide to New Zealand

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MOL LNG carrier rescues Castaway off PNG

A Japanese shipping company is reporting the rescue of a castaway north-east of New Ireland