Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Bolloré Ports begins building port in Timor Leste

A focus of the port is to promote maritime trade between China and Northern Australia


Macca prepares for spill

State and federal agencies are combining with local communities to test their readiness for an oil spill in the pristine waters of the Torres Strait


Government promotes small business exports

The Commonwealth wants to help small businesses reach export markets

DCN/Hema Maps

Record reported for Torres Strait transit

Advanced technology is allowing deeper draught ships to pass through a challenging stretch of water


‘Take a breath’ on blockchain, says logistics exec

Blockchain is set to have a massive impact and yet there is a danger of getting it wrong


DAWR announces interim strawberry export measures

Incidents of needles being inserted into strawberries has forced authorities to implement control measures


Rotterdam looks to cut carbon emissions

Management at one of the world’s largest ports is keen to do its bit to reduce CO2 emissions


Walmart “process refinement” outlined at Supply Chain convention

An Australian expat returned home to provide insights on the US market


Port plays landlord

Property leases are expected to be a useful source of revenue at the Port of Melbourne