Tuesday 17th Jul, 2018
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Containers overboard! How can I efficiently protect my rights?

Maurice Lynch and Tom Mangan* detail what to do if you’ve got cargo on the YM Efficiency

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Blockchain, logistics and food safety

Blockchain may provide opportunities to ensure the healthy movement of foods.

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Q & A: Legal implications of Y M Efficiency case

Maritime lawyer Andrew Tulloch discusses some of the legal implications of the Y M Efficiency incident

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Port of Newcastle: A competitive and efficient container terminal alternative

By Simon Gelder* The Port of Newcastle believes efficient markets competing on a level playing field should determine the location…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Nickel ore market registers a shortfall

What does a fall in nickel volumes mean for trade?

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Will logistics tackle the challenges it’s facing?

The world of logistics is being massively changed by technology, writes Molly Connell*

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Plain sailing – how traditional methods could deliver zero-emission shipping

The days of sail may yet return as an eco-friendly way of moving freight by sea


Rotterdam rules and E-Commerce

Article by Stuart Hetherington and Professor Tomotaka Fujita

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INDUSTRY OPINION: New budget biosecurity levy a sleight of hand

The Australian Federation of International Forwarders raises questions about the new budget’s biosecurity levy