Saturday 22nd Sep, 2018
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership – issues for trade professionals

Going against the protectionist trend from some parts of the world, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed last week in…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Competition can’t come at the cost of standards

Australasian Marine Pilots Institute president Neil Farmer responds to a recent Letter to the Editor regarding competition in pilotage

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Italian bugs reveal bigger stink in Aus importing costs

PETER McCRAE* urges the federal Agriculture Minister to intervene regarding heavy fees caused by “poor process”

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Port surcharges – be careful how you respond

Article by Nathan Cecil* The introduction of port terminal infrastructure surcharges, their subsequent significant increase and the significant increase of…
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Export Council of Australia head of policy, Heath Baker. Photo: Export Council of Australia

INDUSTRY OPINION: Modelling the TPP: not should we, but can we?

Article by Heath Baker* NOW the eleven countries in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership (or TPP11)…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Newcastle port – some progress in undoing a privatisation fiasco

Article by John Austen* PRESSURE is mounting to overcome the ridiculous anti-competitive constraints on Newcastle port. As set out in Pearls…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: BITRE data shows need for more use of the blue highway

Port Australia CEO, Michael Gallacher, takes a look at the recent BITRE report and what it says about Australia’s freight supply chain

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INDUSTRY EDITORIAL: 2018 customs compliance priorities

THE Australian Border Force (ABF) is an operationally independent, frontline body in the newly created Home Affairs portfolio. Working alongside…
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Discussion Agreement termination a significant event

SIR, The termination of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and the Trade Facilitation Group (TFG) agreements is a pretty monumental…
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