Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018

INDUSTRY OPINION: Coastal Shipping – the challenge continues

THE long-awaited Government proposal to amend coastal trading legislation has finally hit the Parliament in the form of the Coastal Trading…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Hanjin Shipping collapse one year on

Peter van Duyn* SOUTH Korean company Hanjin Shipping, the seventh-largest shipping line in the world, collapsed one year ago when its 100-strong vessel fleet…
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Australian Maritime College

INDUSTRY OPINION: Improving maritime education and training for today’s sophisticated ships

Dr Gholam Reza Emad* APPRENTICESHIP training on board ships is a mandatory component of seafarers training scheme. Traditionally, seafarers develop…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Italian imports added to stink bug watchlist

FOR those of us involved in the handling and clearance of sea cargo shipments from the United States, the Brown…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Understanding the rules that govern temporary imports

IMPORTERS may bring goods into Australia for a period generally not exceeding 12 months without the payment of duties and taxes, either…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Industry Associations play a vital role in representing its members

IN TODAY’S dynamic business climate where time is critical, individuals and businesses are faced with increased regulatory compliance, obligations and…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Promotion of workplace diversity makes good business sense

OUR sector of commerce is facing increased automation, regulation, operational reforms and a highly competitive environment. Business must adopt change…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: How automated vehicles will transform freight logistics in Australia

IN NOVEMBER 2016, Australia’s transport ministers decided to reform vehicle regulations so fully automated vehicles will be allowed to travel…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Freight industry needs youth focus

Youth policies need to be adopted to secure our industry’s future, writes TIM TICKNER*