Sunday 22nd Apr, 2018
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Why extra rail capacity isn’t enough

AUSTRALIA’S State and Federal Governments are allocating record investment towards adding capacity to our port rail networks. But with road…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Is there such a thing as brand loyalty?

RECENTLY APSA asked: “Is customer service a dying art in international shipping?” and this week we pose a related question,…
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IMO efforts to promote slow steaming may come with risks for isolated nations.

INDUSTRY OPINION: Australian shippers reject mandatory slow steaming measures

NEXT week the Australian Government will be participating in an intersessional working group established to address the reduction of Greenhouse Gas…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Is customer service a dying art in international shipping?

THE 2016-2017 financial year, like every other, has delivered its fair share of supply chain disruptions for Australia’s shippers. From…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Global standards to follow Australian framework on taxing e-commerce transactions

THE World Customs Organisation (WCO) has an ambitious work plan for ecommerce focusing on trade facilitation and simplification, safety and…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Is it time for a public inquiry into port practices?

The United States leads the way in a public review of port practices, writes TRAVIS BROOKS-GARRETT

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Infrastructure charges threaten shipping line THC revenue in Australia

Stevedores in Australia are now recovering their costs from landside users, so should Australian shippers still be paying Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) to shipping lines, asks TRAVIS BROOKS-GARRETT

INDUSTRY OPINION: The Global Green Freight Agenda

The Australian logistics industry will be subject to major environmental reform, whether we like it or not, writes TRAVIS BROOKS-GARRETT

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INDUSTRY OPINION: The real costs of accommodating bigger ships in Australia

The productivity benefits of larger ships should be shared with Australia’s shippers, writes TRAVIS BROOKS-GARRETT*