Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Brisbane container throughput tracking up

Photo: Port of Brisbane Corporation
Photo: Port of Brisbane Corporation

PORT of Brisbane has been seeing more container throughput over the past year according to the latest trade statistics available from the Port.

Total containerised throughput at the Port of Brisbane in June came to 101,848 TEU – an increase of 12% over the same month in 2016, and up ever so slightly on the previous month – June saw just 659 TEU more throughput than May.

Looking at the 12 months through June 2017, Brisbane reported a total throughput of 1.22m TEU, up from 1.15 TEU over the same period last year – an increase of 6.8%.

In June 2017, imports and exports of containerised cargo was split roughly evenly (50,283 TEU and 50,501 TEU respectively).

June’s container imports through Brisbane were topped by the catchall category “import other” with 21,042 TEU.

Brisbane’s second-biggest containerised import for the month was empty containers (6059 TEU), while freight all kind took the third place with 5707 TEU for the month.

Containerised exports from Brisbane were dominated by fresh Queensland air with 13,412 TEU of empty containers crossing the wharf in a seaward direction in June.

Casting our eyes down the list of commodities exported in containers we see “export other” also looms large in June’s trade statistics, with 10,164 TEU of the stuff exported from Brisbane.

Freight all kind was the Port’s third-largest export over the month, followed by cotton (5806 TEU), agricultural seeds (5511 TEU) and meat products (5037 TEU).

Looking at total trade measured in tonnes, we can also see an increase in throughput, with June’s total trade at 2.65m tonnes – an increase of 11% over June 2016.

Zooming out to the 12 months through June 2017, the Port reported a total throughput of 33.16m tonnes, an increase of 10% on the same period the previous year.

If you like cars, you’ll appreciate that Brisbane saw 12% more motor vehicle units pass through in June 2017 (24,864 units) than the same month in 2016 (22,189 units).


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