Thursday 20th Sep, 2018

Brisbane wins green accolade for road project

Photo: Port of Brisbane
Photo: Port of Brisbane

THE Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia awarded Port of Brisbane’s Port Drive Upgrade project an “excellent” rating for its design.

Port of Brisbane CEO Roy Cummins said achieving the rating for the $110m project was a demonstration of the Port’s commitment to sustainable port development.

“The project design was assessed against a wide range of measures including its management systems, environmental management, stakeholder participation, and innovation.

“The design stage also considered input and feedback from a wide range of stakeholders in areas including road design, landscaping and vegetation selection, and engagement.”

Mr Cummins said investment in the project was brought forward well ahead of demand to improve safety and create a more efficient road network that would support the Port’s growth into the future.

The upgrade project features “super I girders”, up to 46 metres in length, designed to span the existing rail corridor, avoiding future maintenance works or construction in the corridor.

The project also features the largest placement of sustainably-sourced Enrobés à Module Élevé Class 2 (EME2) asphalt on a road project in Australia.

Other features that make this project more environmentally friendly include offsite stormwater treatment, LED street lighting, increased connectivity of local habitat and use of locally sourced native plant species for landscaping.

The upgrade project is slated for completion in mid-2018.

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