Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

Brisbane’s Port Drive project to use new asphalt technology

PORT of Brisbane’s $110m Port Drive Upgrade Project is one of the first major road projects in Australia to use EME2 asphalt, which is stronger and can be thinner than conventional asphalt.

Port of Brisbane CEO Roy Cummins said employing the new technology would deliver long-term safety, efficiency and sustainability benefits, supporting the Port’s long-term growth.

“The Port Drive Upgrade Project is about enhancing safety and future-proofing the Port’s road network for decades to come. This meant looking at innovative ways to deliver a better design and end-product for road users while also lowering maintenance costs,” he said.

“For this project, EME2 asphalt offers the prospect of reduced asphalt thicknesses for motorway pavements and is proven to have superior resistance to rutting and fatigue caused by heavy traffic usage when compared to conventional road pavements.

“This is essential for a heavy industrial precinct such as the port, which experiences more than 3.1m vehicles every year.”

The Port specifically required the asphalt to be incorporated on the project following the successful trial placement of 1100 tonnes of EME2 (which stands for Enrobés à Module Élevé Class 2) as part of a port road rehabilitation project in 2016.

The EME2 asphalt mix design for the Port Drive Upgrade Project was specifically developed targeting durability, flexural stiffness, rut resistance and reduced fatigue.

The Port Drive Upgrade is one of only two projects in Queensland to use this technology, which has been used in France, UK and South Africa.

Construction started in September 2016 and is on track for completion mid-2018, weather permitting. Once complete, it will deliver significant upgrades to the main road in/out of the port and the local road network.

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