Monday 19th Nov, 2018

Broome channel optimisation project gets approvals

Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority
Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority

THE Kimberley Ports Authority’s Broome channel optimisation project is progressing apace, according to the latest project update.


The project has received approvals from the Environmental Protection Authority and the Department of Environment and Energy, for the project’s environmental impact statement and the dredging works, respectively.

KPA is still waiting on the outcome of its application for a sea dumping permit for dredged material from the DoEE.

The works are to include the removal of about 120,000 cubic metres during a two to four week period late this year.

According to KPA’s latest update, the detailed design of the channel is progressing. Detailed wave and hydrodynamic models have been built and are to be uploaded into North Regional TAFE’s marine simulator to run vessel simulations.

The $7m channel optimisation project aims to enable all-tide access for larger vessels to the Port of Broom, with an eye to attract larger cruise ships in particular to the port.

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