Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

Bulker loses power, grounds off Dampier

Photo: Jim Wilson and Hema Maps
Photo: Jim Wilson and Hema Maps

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has opened an investigation into the grounding of the Panama-flagged Bulk India during its departure from Dampier on Sunday (11 March).

According to a summary of the incident from the ATSB, the fully laden bulker was under pilotage when, at about 1430 hours local time, a full electrical blackout occurred; all power to propulsion and steerage was lost.

The pilot was giving course directions to the helmsman and the helm was at 20 degrees port when control was lost. The ship turned to port and grounded at a speed of about 6 knots.

At 1445 three tugs arrived, four minutes later power was restored and by 1600 the ship was free from the bottom.

The bulker was then taken to anchorage for inspection and investigation.

The Bulk India (IMO 9284271) has a deadweight of 177,640 tonnes, an LOA of 289 metres and breadth of 45 metres.

It was sailing to Qungdao, China when it grounded.

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