Wednesday 12th Dec, 2018

INDUSTRY OPINION: SMEs and the importance of LCBs and freight forwarders

Freight and Trade Alliance’s Travis Brooks-Garrett discusses shippers and the growing importance of international trade services providers

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FREIGHT & TRADE ALLIANCE: Industry escalates biosecurity levy concerns

Benefits of a new levy, set to come into force next year, may not be enjoyed by those who pay it, writes FTA’s Travis Brooks-Garrett


INDUSTRY OPINION: Container parks under scrutiny for cleanliness standards

Industry demands stronger container cleanliness practices after a 20’ food quality container was found to contain asbestos, writes Travis Brooks-Garrett

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Storms threaten international markets

International trade is set to be buffeted by a host of geo-political issues

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Cyber criminals and the turmoil caused to logistics businesses

Cyber attacks have been well publicised, but how do logistics businesses manage the risks?


INDUSTRY OPINION: Australian shippers scrutinise the Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS)

LAST week Australian shippers were shocked by notifications from the world’s top three container lines of the imminent introduction of…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Import cargo reporting system to evolve to address security risk

FREIGHT & Trade Alliance (FTA), the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) and ICHCA Australia brought the world’s experts on international…
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