Thursday 20th Sep, 2018

BIOSECURITY: Season of the stink bug is upon us

The import industry has been gearing up for the challenge of keeping Australian shores safe from the menace of the brown marmorated stink bug


INDUSTRY ANALYTICS: Australia’s trade with the world on the increase

Analysis shows huge growth in goods and services trade over the past two decades


DEPARTMENTAL PERSPECTIVE: Big year for biosecurity

An expanding freight task combined with more international travelers brings multiple biosecurity challenges, writes Nico Padovan*

Port of Hamburg in Germany is just one operation where Containerchain expertise has been deployed. Shutterstock

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL REPORT: Integrated platforms the path for growth

Since its inception a decade ago, Containerchain has become a leader in providing supply chain technology. Chris Collins tells DCN about recent developments and new trends


INDUSTRY OPINION: SMEs and the importance of LCBs and freight forwarders

Freight and Trade Alliance’s Travis Brooks-Garrett discusses shippers and the growing importance of international trade services providers

Port of Melbourne

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL REPORT: Vic report points to the role of technology in freight

The state of Victoria is preparing for the opportunities and challenges presented by a high-tech logistics environment


WORKPLACE RELATIONS: So you’re being picketed – what are your legal courses of action?

In this second part of our picketing series, Chris Gianatti* discusses some of the legal actions employers might need to consider pursuing

The Freight Scheme Experts owner and manager, Lee Panton


Observations on the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme from the perception of its former manager, Lee Panton*