Wednesday 24th Oct, 2018
Photo: David Sexton

“Call to action” over Cargo Transport Unit Code

Awareness of an international code of practice for the packing of containers needs to be raised, according to a speaker at GSF2018

Artist’s impression of a container terminal in Port Kembla’s Outer Harbor. Photo: former Port Kembla Port Corporation

Kembla vs Newcastle tussle goes south

The topic of a second NSW container port found its way to the Global Shippers Forum in Melbourne

Photo: David Sexton

Contracting liner shipping market risks effective competition

Have shipping lines lost their customer focus? A representatives of international shippers believes this is so.

Image: Geoscience Australia

SBAS gets budget bump

The satellite technology is to greatly increase the accuracy of positioning systems

Photo: Australian Federal Police

Police find 200kg of ice in Sydney sea freight

The discovery was the result of a Joint Organised Crime Group investigation.

Image: Shutterstock

Trump’s Iran call to boost bigger ships’ trend

A decision by President Trump to scrap an agreement with Iran is set to impact the world of container shipping

Photo: Shutterstock and Jim Wilson

Port of Melbourne plans container origin/destination study

Just where do containers from Port of Melbourne go and where do they come from?

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MSC offers seasonal fortnightly service

A new, seasonal service is to call at New Zealand’s Northport starting this month