Wednesday 20th Sep, 2017
Photo: Gary Bernon / USDA

INDUSTRY OPINION: Italian imports added to stink bug watchlist

FOR those of us involved in the handling and clearance of sea cargo shipments from the United States, the Brown…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Understanding the rules that govern temporary imports

IMPORTERS may bring goods into Australia for a period generally not exceeding 12 months without the payment of duties and taxes, either…
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Customs Brokers also keen on port shuttle

THE prospect of “seamless transitioning of freight modes” has the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council (CBFCA) of Victoria excited by…
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Photo: CBFCA

INDUSTRY OPINION: Industry Associations play a vital role in representing its members

IN TODAY’S dynamic business climate where time is critical, individuals and businesses are faced with increased regulatory compliance, obligations and…
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Image: Jim Wilson and Shutterstock

INDUSTRY OPINION: Industry needs government intervention with the ACCC leaving industry stranded

A RECENT Federal Court decision relating to substantial price increases at the Port of Newcastle means that the Australian Competition and Consumer…
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Photo: Australian Border Force

Balancing the needs of industry and trade

Acting Commissioner Michael Outram of the Australian Border Force argues for a risk-based approach to security, says security and customs should remain under the same umbrella and calls for industry to be more vocal regarding its interests

Photo: OIA Global

New Malaysian office for logistics provider

A GLOBAL supplier of logistics, packaging and material sourcing, OIA Global, has announced its southeast Asia expansion with the opening…
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Freight forwarders seek details on UK Customs proposals

THE British International Freight Association (BIFA) has welcomed a paper from the UK government outlining its ambitions for Brexit. BIFA…
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