Thursday 13th Dec, 2018


The clock is running down to get your nominations in for the 23 annual Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards

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TPP-11 will still face scrutiny says lawyer

Once FTAs have been negotiated they are still subject to public review via parliament, a trade lawyer says

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Award nominations’ ship set to sail

Don’t miss the boat! Enter your nomination while there is still time

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Wharfies rage over TPP

The MUA National Council recently passed a resolution on the TPP-11


INDUSTRY OPINION: Infrastructure charges are fair

It is unsurprising that stevedore charges are being rebalanced – commercial arrangements will need to adapt, writes Geoff Swier of farrierswier consulting

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Port of Newcastle should reduce charge for Glencore, says ACCC

Port of Newcastle has indicated it will request a review of the ACCC’s decision on channel access fees

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Union raises safety concerns

Safety remains an issue of concern on the Melbourne docks, according to the union

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DPWA port charges: RFNSW calls for government to step in

The peak body met with government officials to make its case