Friday 19th Jan, 2018
Photo: Jim Wilson & Hema Maps

Emergency dredging at Bundaberg begins

GLADSTONE Ports Corporation is carrying out emergency maintenance dredging works at the Port of Bundaberg starting today (January 19). Sediment…
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Climate impacts grain crop

TOUGH climate conditions in grain-growing areas have contributed to the gross value of farm production being tipped to fall 7%…
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Photo: Gary Bernon / USDA

Italian insect pest threat prompts DAWR to mandate fumigation

BROWN marmorated stink bug season is upon us and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has found “significant” numbers…
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Photo: Sydney University

Researchers look to carnivorous plants to combat biofouling

A TEAM of chemistry researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute has developed a “nanostructured” surface coating that has…
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Photo: A detail of LPC's buoy map; credit: LPC

Data from buoys show warmer waters

A FLEET of 14 monitoring buoys deployed around Lyttelton Harbour on New Zealand’s South Island have collected data showing water…
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Photo: Ian Ackerman

Cairns Shipping Development Project inches towards environmental approval

CAIRNS Port is one step closer to a $120m upgrade, as the Coordinator General accepted the draft environmental impact statement…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Argentina’s revival brings new opportunities for Australian exporters

Austrade’s Shannon Powell* offers an insight into how Australian companies can capitalise on Argentina’s recent reforms to encourage investment