Monday 21st May, 2018
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Carbon capture a possible way to reduce emissions at ports

A European port is exploring an innovative way to combat greenhouse gas emissions

Robert Coombs, Tas Bull Foundation chair

Tas Bull foundation aims to install wifi at Botany for seafarers

The foundation aims to help visiting mariners connect to the outside world while at the port

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Tassie government approves woodchip export facility

Proponents of a woodchip mill expect about eleven bulkers a year to visit the southern coast of Tasmania.

Photo: NSW Ports

Botany Rail duplication to be a boon for Enfield

LINX believes the investment will allow for bi-directional rail between Enfield and Botany.

Artist’s impression of a container terminal in Port Kembla’s Outer Harbor. Photo: former Port Kembla Port Corporation

Kembla vs Newcastle tussle goes south

The topic of a second NSW container port found its way to the Global Shippers Forum in Melbourne


South Australian industry bodies disappointed in “smoke and mirrors” budget

The lobby groups say SA got the short end of the stick in this year’s budget when it comes to infrastructure

Photo: Ian Ackerman

Ports Oz boss says infrastructure spending good, coastal shipping reform better

The ports peak body is advocating a more holistic approach to the coming freight tsunami

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DCN budget wrap

There’s plenty in this year’s budget beyond the much lauded Port Botany rail duplication