Monday 22nd Oct, 2018
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TPP-11 will still face scrutiny says lawyer

Once FTAs have been negotiated they are still subject to public review via parliament, a trade lawyer says

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Award nominations’ ship set to sail

Don’t miss the boat! Enter your nomination while there is still time

Photo: Ashleigh Telford

Wharfies rage over TPP

The MUA National Council recently passed a resolution on the TPP-11

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North P&I Club moves to strengthen underwriting team

Changes are afoot in this important global maritime P&I business

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Half a million tipped into Wine Export Grants

The government is keen to get Americans and Chinese quaffing our wine

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Port of Newcastle should reduce charge for Glencore, says ACCC

Port of Newcastle has indicated it will request a review of the ACCC’s decision on channel access fees

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Aussie exporting businesses are positive about future

A recent report shows that exporters have positive outlooks for their businesses


Air services expansion to Fiji and the Philippines to boost cargo capacity

The arrangements are expected to boost trade and tourism connections between Australia and the two countries