Tuesday 17th Jul, 2018

INDUSTRY OPINION: Same-sex marriages on cruises – not to be too overjoyed as yet!

ON 11 October 2017, there was good news for same-sex couples from Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, the CEO of Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: GST on LVT – the Bill that keeps on giving

AS PREVIOUSLY reported, the Bill to impose GST on low value imported goods (LVTs) has recently passed through our Federal…
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Shipping can boost urban ‘livability’, says Ports Oz

PORTS Australia says the “blue highway” can help decongest cities that are struggling to handle a ballooning freight task. Chief…
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Image: Jim Wilson

Resist calls for bayside truck bans, says VTA

CALLS to permanently ban heavy vehicles on Beach Road and Beaconsfield Parade in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs must be resisted, the…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Compliance communication concerns

I AM becoming increasingly concerned about the deterioration in the relationship between customs brokers and DIBP at the operations level….
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Court upholds residents’ right to Moorebank appeal

A COURT in New South Wales has upheld the right of a group of residents to appeal against the Moorebank…
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A Transmission Electron Micrograph false colour image of  novovirus. Image: US CDC and Dr Charles D Humphrey

INDUSTRY OPINION: Cruise ship Norovirus insurance claim all at sea

IN RECENT years outbreaks of norovirus on cruise ships sometimes involving large numbers of passengers have attracted headline attention. These…
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