Wednesday 26th Sep, 2018

INDUSTRY OPINION: Industry needs government intervention with the ACCC leaving industry stranded

A RECENT Federal Court decision relating to substantial price increases at the Port of Newcastle means that the Australian Competition and Consumer…
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Balancing the needs of industry and trade

Acting Commissioner Michael Outram of the Australian Border Force argues for a risk-based approach to security, says security and customs should remain under the same umbrella and calls for industry to be more vocal regarding its interests

Ports Australia CEO, Michael Gallacher. Photo: Ian Ackerman

Commonwealth must act following Court’s Newcastle ruling, says Ports Oz

PORTS Australia chief executive Mike Gallacher has called for Commonwealth government action following a ruling by the Federal Court regarding…
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News 17.08.17 - Tas

Tasmania Police finally has a new ocean-going vessel

THE Tasmanian government and police force have unveiled a new $8.6 million ocean-going vessel to conduct rescues and protect the…
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Photo: Southern Cross Maritime

Port of Newcastle disappointed by Federal Court ruling

PORT of Newcastle has expressed disappointment at a Federal Court ruling warning of “unintended consequences” for other infrastructure providers. The…
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MP weighs into ‘Buy Queensland’ campaign

A CAMPAIGN by the Queensland government to ‘Buy Queensland’ will fail and could prove damaging to trade. The policy has…
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Freight forwarders seek details on UK Customs proposals

THE British International Freight Association (BIFA) has welcomed a paper from the UK government outlining its ambitions for Brexit. BIFA…
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Photo: Shutterstock

Coal company fined over a stormwater water release into the ocean

ABBOT Point Bulk Coal Pty Ltd has been fined for a stormwater release from its coal handling facility during Tropical…
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