Thursday 21st Jun, 2018
Adding containers to coal? Ships loading at Port Waratah Coal Services at Port of Newcastle. Credit: Southern Cross Maritime

INDUSTRY OPINION: The compelling case for a container terminal in Newcastle

Port of Newcastle acting CEO and CFO Simon Gelder states the case for a container terminal

Photo: Kogas

Four Japanese firms announce LNG bunker business

With the pressure on to reduce emissions in shipping, Japan is preparing for a new fuel

Photo: AMSA

AMSA services soon to be gathered in one place

The National Maritime System is to be up and running in July

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Qube defeated over redundancy appeals

QUBE will have to cough up the maximum seventy weeks of redundancy pay for two workers after losing a Federal…
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Photo: David Sexton

Mandarin grilled over container charge

Having the stevedores collect a new container charge is “a silly idea” the Global Shippers Forum 2018 has heard

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“Call to action” over Cargo Transport Unit Code

Awareness of an international code of practice for the packing of containers needs to be raised, according to a speaker at GSF2018

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INDUSTRY OPINION: New Zealand moves on insurance law reform

The ball will soon be rolling on insurance law reform in New Zealand with the upcoming release of an issues paper