Monday 21st May, 2018
Credit Bass Island Line

Bass Island Line’s John Duigan arrives at King Island

The vessel is starting on a service connecting King Island with Geelong

Photo: Jim Wilson and Hema Maps

Hunter container terminal would benefit northern NSW, Labor says

STATE Labor says the lack of a Newcastle container terminal is harming businesses that import and export from northern New…
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John Duigan. Photo: Bass Island Line

Bass Island Line calls Geelong home

KING Island’s new freight vessel John Duigan arrived in Geelong for the first time on Monday morning under an agreement…
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Photo: Jim Wilson

Industry groups question government on budget biosecurity levy

Many questions remain about the why and how of the budget’s $10.02 “biosecurity levy”

Image: Shutterstock

Carbon capture a possible way to reduce emissions at ports

A European port is exploring an innovative way to combat greenhouse gas emissions

Robert Coombs, Tas Bull Foundation chair

Tas Bull foundation aims to install wifi at Botany for seafarers

The foundation aims to help visiting mariners connect to the outside world while at the port

Photo: Southern Cross Maritime

Brisbane container trade in March flat on previous month

While trade showed no movement on a month-to month basis, the port saw an increase on March 2017

Car carrier enters Port Kembla; Photo: NSW Ports

NSW Ports to introduce environmental incentive for shipping lines

In an Australia-first program, NSW Ports aims to reward companies using vessels with better emissions performance