Monday 19th Nov, 2018
Image: Geoscience Australia

SBAS gets budget bump

The satellite technology is to greatly increase the accuracy of positioning systems

Image: Jim Wilson & Hema Maps

VRCA seeks to dredge Geelong

Would channel dredging allow Geelong to capture a large shipping market share?

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Trump’s Iran call to boost bigger ships’ trend

A decision by President Trump to scrap an agreement with Iran is set to impact the world of container shipping

Photo: Shutterstock and Jim Wilson

Port of Melbourne plans container origin/destination study

Just where do containers from Port of Melbourne go and where do they come from?

Photo: Jim Wilson

Coode Road closure is nigh, says DPWA rep

The idea of linking West Swanson Dock and West Swanson Intermodal by closing Coode Road has been around for years. It’s time appears to have come.

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Fears raised over “super union” formation

Peter Anderson opened the VTA Port Outlook 2018 in Williamstown

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DCN budget wrap

There’s plenty in this year’s budget beyond the much lauded Port Botany rail duplication

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Melbourne container terminal closed amidst work stoppage

The stoppage coincides with a union rally in the city