Monday 19th Nov, 2018
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Is it time for a public inquiry into port practices?

The United States leads the way in a public review of port practices, writes TRAVIS BROOKS-GARRETT


SPECIAL REPORT: Information Technology

Mizzen is a bold concept aimed at using digital technology to link shipping lines with freight operators. Managing director Jonathan Charles* explains what it’s all about.

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INDUSTRY OPINION: DAWR review of approved arrangement fees

FREIGHT & Trade Alliance (FTA) sees significant merit in “approved arrangements” and is actively working with the Department of Agriculture and…
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Tough beef on the horizon

GLOBAL beef markets are looking to get tough in the coming year, according to Rabobank’s Global Beef Quarterly Q4. With…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Customs infringement notices – Are penalties too high?

Russell Wiese* AN INFRINGEMENT notice is meant to be a lighter penalty than if the matter was prosecuted and a…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Shipping line sets a benchmark in container detention policy

MAERSK Line are issuing extra import and export container demurrage and detention free days in recognition of the limited working hours…
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Landside operators deserve benefits from stevedore fee hikes, says Chester

FEDERAL infrastructure minister Darren Chester says landside operators deserve benefits from paying more in infrastructure fees. The infrastructure fee hikes…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: What’s changed in six months? Lack of regulatory oversight creates a free-for-all

Neil Chambers* ‘WHAT’S changed in DP World Australia’s costs that they didn’t know six months’ ago?’ That’s the question CTAA…
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