Tuesday 17th Jul, 2018
Photo: MUA

MUA mourns deaths of docker and seafarer in US

The two workers were killed last week at the US port of Longview

Photo: AMC

Firefighters complete maritime training at AMC S

The specialist firefighters participated in the annual course, which has been running for three years

Photo: Maritime Cook Islands

Maritime careers promoted in the Cook Islands

An expo provided people with new insights into maritime careers

Photo: Supplied

New harbour master appointed for Newcastle

THE PORT Authority of New South Wales has appointed Jeanine Drummond to be the new harbour master for Newcastle and…
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Photo: AMC Search

Women take the helm with patrol boat training

AMC Search is helping train law enforcement officers from our near neighbours in the use of patrol boats

Photo: Ian Ackerman

Carnival Australia working to achieve gender balance in seafaring careers

The cruise line has instituted a mentoring program to encourage young people to become seafarers

Left to Right: DPWA's Justine O’Connell, ferry skipper Holly Saunders, P&O's Melissa Yates and Port Authority of NSW's Jeanine Drummond. Photo: Ian Ackerman

Cruise-ship luncheon inspires diversity in the maritime industry

The event brought together women (and a few men) from many parts of the maritime industry

Photo: ATSB

Lookout missteps led to collision: ATSB report

The collision occurred off the WA coast