Friday 19th Jan, 2018
Photo: Ian Ackerman

More freight on the blue highway would improve road safety: Ports Oz chief

ROAD safety would be improved by moving freight off the asphalt highway and onto the blue highway, Ports Australia CEO…
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Photo: Sydney University

Researchers look to carnivorous plants to combat biofouling

A TEAM of chemistry researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute has developed a “nanostructured” surface coating that has…
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Photo: Shutterstock

FWC provisionally concludes “ordinary work week” for seafarers should be 38 hours

THE Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission handed down a provisional decision that may affect the pay rate for…
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2017 a “watershed” for LNG exports, analysts say

AUSTRALIAN liquefied natural gas exports hit 56.8m tonnes in calendar year 2017, up 26.3% from 44.9m tonnes in the year…
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Photo: Shutterstock

LNG exports from Queensland on the rise

EXPORT liquid natural gas volumes from Queensland totalled 20.2m tonnes in 2017, topping the previous record by 2.7m tonnes according…
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Photo: istockphoto

OPINION: Concerns over Australia’s fuel security highlights the need for a national fleet, writes Captain Harry Mansson

Sir, In my column of 9 November 2017 (“The Shipping Life with Captain Harry”) I repeated my earlier concerns over…
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Photo: former Port of Melbourne Corporation

Melbourne thick with containers in November

IN the run-up to the holiday season, Port of Melbourne saw a busy month for containers in November, according to…
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SPECIAL REPORT: Information Technology

Cybersecurity is a Rubik’s Cube, writes Ben Scott*