Friday 16th Nov, 2018

Trade trouble not so sweet at WTO

Australia says Indian sugar subsidies are hurting its sugar farmers and exporters and is taking the complaint to the WTO


AUS-Hong Kong free-trade agreement negotiations conclude

The agreement is to be a boost for Australian exporters

Ian Ackerman

Big lines look for IT consistency in order to cut red tape

Some of the world’s biggest shipping lines are looking to expand digital cooperation

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Trade talk at ASEAN-Australia Summit

Trade and maritime issues were on the agenda at the high-level summit in Singapore this week


ITF welcomes ‘Manila statement’

The ITF says a document regarding the fair treatment of workers in Asia should bring about change around the world


Yang Ming announces sulphur surcharge

The shipping line is taking measures to cover the cost of cutting sulphur emissions


Uni and shipping company aim to bring low-carbon ships to the South Pacific

University of the South Pacific and The China Navigation Company have agreed to research new-generation, low-carbon ships


APEC host warns of protectionism

The city of Port Moresby will this week play host to political heavy-hitters from across the Pacific