Monday 20th Aug, 2018
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LINX to acquire wood business Pedersen Group

The logistics company has diversified its business operations portfolio

Photo: Ian Ackerman

MSC announces permanent, direct call at NZ’s Northport

The company is offering the new service after a successful seasonal call at the port

Photo: Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland CEO joins fight against climate change

The CEO joined a collective of business leaders committed to act on climate change

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Sofrana ANL upping tonnage on South Pacific service

The line is to boost capacity on one of its services during peak season

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New executive for Northport operator

The NZX-listed company that manages New Zealand’s Northport has a new CEO

Photo: Lomar Shipping

Kea Trader one year after grounding

The ship’s hulk is still on a rock reef in the South Pacific one year on from its grounding

Photo: Royal Wolf

Royal Wolf grows its New Zealand presence with new acquisition

The shipping container master has acquired Spacewise

Photo: David Sexton

Swire slows ships in expensive fuel market

Swire Shipping’s Rod Begley has talked about fuel costs and growth in its service into Hobart