Friday 16th Nov, 2018
STEPHEN McKittrick

THE GRILL: Stephen McKittrick

Stephen McKittrick talks international forwarding, hitting the slopes of Mt Hotham and restoring
old British sports cars


THE GRILL: Jonathan Lafforgue

Jonathan Lafforgue, general manager, operations and environment for NSW Ports, talks bulk liquids, windsurfing and rediscovering Lego


THE GRILL: Kelly McGinty

Kelly McGinty talks inspirational Australians, why “Deadpool” is an amazing movie and getting more women into logistics

Photo: David Sexton

THE GRILL: Charles Masters

Charles Masters is the Victoria branch secretary of Shipping Australia. He recently chatted with Daily Cargo News about cycling, British comedy and “giving back” to the world of shipping.

Photo: Ian Ackerman

THE GRILL: David Bartnik

This week Svitzer Australia head of innovation David Bartnik was grilled by our intrepid reporter. They talked about parrots, choppers and the joys of eating raw fish.


THE GRILL: James Azzopardi

We speak with James Azzopardi, national customs and consultancy manager for Kalgin Global Logistics, about business, ethics and life in Australia’s greatest city.

Photo: David Sexton

THE GRILL: Matt Eryurek

DCN speaks with SCT Logistics’ Matt Eryurek about business, martial arts and great coffee

Photo: Port of Townsville

THE GRILL: Claudia Brumme-Smith

Claudia Brumme-Smith from the Port of Townsville talks with DCN about everything from shipping to fishing and high jumping.