Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Channel optimisation at Broome progressing

Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority
Photo: Kimberley Ports Authority

PORT of Broome is progressing its plan to increase the capacity of its channel through a $7m optimisation project, to enable access for larger vessels during all tides.

The works are to include the removal of about 120,000 cubic metres during a two to four week period late this year.

As part of the works, jack-up barge is to carry out geotechnical site investigations over about 10 days this month.

The boreholes it will drill are to be from 4-10 metres in depth and will be 85 millimetres in diameter.

This operation will help define the material to be dredged and the equipment required to complete the work towards the end of this year. Perth-based Hagstrom Drilling was awarded the contract for the drilling.

Kimberley Ports Authority has submitted an environmental impact assessment for the project which are in process, and KPA has also applied for a sea-dumping permit from the Department of the Environment and Energy.

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