Saturday 17th Nov, 2018

Chester in China

INFRASTRUCTURE minister Darren Chester says he is looking forward to discussions with senior Chinese leaders, with talks expected to touch on themes of trade and transport.

“We see real opportunities for Australia to be engaged at a commercial level, and with the One Belt, One Road policy we see opportunities going forward,” Mr Chester, who is currently in China, told reporters.

“We want to work with the major stakeholders to make sure that the benefits extend right throughout the Asian region, just as we are working in Australia on our own development plans to open up parts of northern Australia, to open up regional Australia with the Inland Rail Project.”

Mr Chester said he recognised the transformative nature of infrastructure investment.

“Good infrastructure can change people’s lives; it can save people’s lives,” he said.

“It’ll change lives by reducing congestion, by improving productivity, by getting products to the market, and actually save lives by taking products off road and onto rail in many cases, which will improve road safety in places like Australia.

“So, we recognise the value of good infrastructure investments, just as the Chinese Government does.”

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