Wednesday 18th Jul, 2018

Container trade at Brisbane mushrooms

Photo: Port of Brisbane Corporation
Photo: Port of Brisbane Corporation

JULY was Port of Brisbane’s busiest month for container traffic in the past year, with a total of 113,790 TEU coming through the port over the month, according to the latest trade statistics from the Port.

July’s throughput was an increase of 16% on the same month in 2016 (97,832 TEU), and a 12% increase on June 2017 (101,848 TEU), and well above the Port’s average container throughput for the past 12 months (103,308 TEU).

Of this past July’s throughput, 58,974 TEU was imported and 53,589 TEU was exported.

The biggest containerised commodity exported from Brisbane over the month was nothing but air, with 14,057 TEU of empty containers loaded onto ships over the month.

The Port’s second biggest export in containers was “export other” (13,267 TEU), followed by cotton (7859 TEU) and agricultural seeds (5792 TEU).

Turning to containerised imports, “import other” was the largest category with 24,501 TEU of unclassified cargo coming through Brisbane.

The Port’s second-largest containerised import was empty containers, with 8148 TEU, and this was followed by household items with 6180 TEU arriving at Brisbane.

If we look at the total trade coming through Brisbane last July (both containerised and non-containerised), there is not an increase on the scale seen in just the containers.

Total trade through the port in July was 3.17m tonnes, which is an increase of 2% on the same month in 2016. And, over the past 12 months, Brisbane saw a total of 33.3m tonnes of trade, an increase of 9% on the same period last year.

Coal topped the list of exports with a total of 701,744 tonnes shipped from Brisbane over July 2017, followed by “other” (309,260 tonnes) and agricultural seeds (169,727 tonnes).

Crude oil was the largest import through Brisbane, with 488,940 tonnes imported, followed by refined oil (283,714 tonnes) and cement (198,244 tonnes).

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