Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

Cruise ship on way to Brisbane following tragedy

Photo: Southern Cross Maritime
Photo: Southern Cross Maritime

A SEARCH for a missing woman who disappeared over the side of a cruise ship on Thursday afternoon has been called off.

The incident occurred as the vessel was about 150NM west of New Caledonia.

“At about 7.30am AEST (Friday), the search for the person lost overboard from the Pacific Dawn cruise ship was suspended,” an Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson told DCN.

“The suspension was based on expert medical advice that the timeframe for survivability for the missing passenger expired at first light today.”

According to AMSA, ‘survivability’ is based on expert medical advice, considering multiple factors.

“In this case, timeframe for survivability is limited due to the weather conditions and the fact that the missing passenger was not wearing a lifejacket and had no other form of flotation when lost overboard,” the spokesperson said.

“The height of the fall was also a factor, the passenger having fallen from the uppermost deck.”

The spokesperson said primary responsibility for investigating the incident lay with the vessel’s flag state, the United Kingdom.

Queensland Police are expected to meet the vessel when it arrives in Brisbane on Saturday at 11am.

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