Monday 22nd Oct, 2018

Cyclone Gita expected to affect Norfolk Island shipping


AFTER thrashing Tonga, Tropical Cyclone Gita is headed west and is expected to turn slightly south before it hits New Caledonia.

Norfolk Island shipping is expected to be adversely affected, with Neptune Pacific Line issuing a notice to shippers advising the general cargo vessel Capitaine Quiros would be diverted to avoid the path of the tropical cyclone.

“Conditions are unlikely to settle at NLK [Norfolk Island] for some time so our intention is to then head north east to Suva giving TC Gita a wide margin and tranship the NLK cargo direct onto Capitaine Dampier at Fiji for AKL where we will devan and ship on Norfolk Guardian,” the notice read.

“Diverting directly to Auckland is not an option as the ship may not be able to avoid the TC path. This diversion will extend the transit time for the NLK cargo, which we hoped to avoid but safety of the ship and crew must be first priority.”

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