Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018

Data thieves strike Svitzer Australia

Photo: Ingram Publishing
Photo: Ingram Publishing

SVITZER Australia announced today it had been the victim of data theft, with emails from three employees forwarded to two external accounts between 27 May 2017 and 1 March 2018.

The company identified that it was the victim of data theft on 1 March and within five hours of becoming aware of the security breach, Svitzer Australia had stopped the theft.

The company conducted a thorough investigation with forensic IT experts to understand what happened, the extent of the theft, the identity of the perpetrator and how the company could further strengthen its systems.

Investigations have determined that this is an isolated incident only impacting Svitzer Australia.

Managing director Steffen Risager said the Svitzer Australia had adapted its monitoring strategy to include this type of theft and it was working with Microsoft to increase security.

“This is a continually evolving challenge for all organisations and individuals,” he said.

The company only notified its employees of the theft today (March 15).

“We wanted to communicate this as soon as possible,” Mr Risager said.

“However, we needed to understand what happened, how wide the theft was, and who was affected.

“As the investigation is continuing, there will be further updates to employees as we learn more about the theft.”

Mr Risager confirmed that it is safe to write and receive emails from Svitzer Australia, and that the details of any sensitive data stolen will be communicated directly with those potentially affected.

“This is a reminder of the constant threat individuals and businesses alike face,” he said.

“The nature of cybercrime means while we can get it right a thousand times, the perpetrator only needs to get it right once – we will learn from this experience.”

Svitzer Australia said all relevant authorities had been contacted.

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