Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

Deputy PM addresses conference

Photo: Michael McCormack / Twitter
Photo: Michael McCormack / Twitter

DEPUTY Prime Minister Michael McCormack addressed the 2018 ALC and ATA Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit with a rousing call to build “the new Australia”.

Mr McCormack was talking in the context of a fast-growing freight task and the need for such projects as the Western Sydney Airport.


“This is an economy in which we are investing in record levels in infrastructure – $75bn over a decade making sure we get those projects out to get Australians home sooner and safer,” Mr McCormack said.

“Indeed to increase and improve productivity and to make sure the freight task, which is expected to double over the next twenty years… will be addressed as well.”

He noted progress towards construction of Inland Rail which would make “a transformational difference” to the communities of regional Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

“Western Sydney Airport, which is finally underway after decades of being talked about.

“We are literally building a new Australia,” he said.

The Conference was held at Melbourne Park function centre.

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