Sunday 21st Oct, 2018

ECA applauds Oz role in pushing digital rules at WTO


EFFORTS by the Australian government to promote digital trade at the 11th World Trade Organisation’s Ministerial Conference (MC11) should be applauded, the Export Council of Australia says.

The conference was held recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trade minister Steven Ciobo talked of an initiative to put in place a framework to shape the rules of international e-commerce in years to come.

This would include 70 of the WTO’s 164 members that collectively account for more than 75% of global trade, including the USA, Japan and the European Union.

“E-commerce, digital trade and the tech start-ups they foster are increasingly important elements of Australia’s trade future,” said ECA strategic advisor Lisa McAuley.

“Creating certainty around digital rules and regulations will therefore allow companies in Australia’s digital economy to confidently explore opportunities around the world.”

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