Thursday 20th Sep, 2018

Europeans nuts for Aussie almonds


AUSTRALIA is well-placed to take advantage of European demand for almonds.

According to a stocktake of European markets prepared by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource and Economics, “trade barriers are relatively low for EU imports of almonds, unlike for many agricultural commodities”.

“Australia is the second-largest exporter of almonds to the European Union, behind the United States,” the report stated.

“Prolonged strengthening of import demand by the European Union, supplemented by a drought in the almond-growing areas of the United States, contributed to the doubling of Australian almond exports to the European Union between 2012–13 and 2015–16.”

According to the report, removal of low tariffs on almond imports from Australia into the European Union would improve Australia’s competitiveness.

“However, export gains would be modest over the long term,” the authors wrote.

“A lower tariff is unlikely to offset the ongoing recovery in US almond production, which is expected to regain most of the EU market ceded during the drought years.”

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