Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

Freight Strategy a focus of new ALC chair


MAXIMISING the benefits of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy is to be a focus of new Australian Logistics Council chairman Philip Davies.

Mr Davies, a former chief executive of Infrastructure Australia, recently took on the chairman’s role from Ian Murray AM.

“It is just a great opportunity coming off the back of Infrastructure Australia where I was really a leading advocate for international trade and supply chain strategy,” Mr Davies told DCN.

The National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy was announced in May by the Council of Australian Governments’ Transport and Infrastructure Council.


It involves developing a 20-year approach to improve overall supply chain speed and efficiency in the movement of goods.

Mr Davies said the ALC was the leading body for logistics and supply in Australia and had been a great advocate for the Strategy.

“The ALC will continue its focus on the National Supply Chain Strategy,” he said.

Mr Davies also spoke about the need to raise the profile of freight in Australia.

“(Freight is) such an important part of everyday life. Part of the ALC’s opportunity is to really increase the visibility of freight in the country and actually representing it for what it is,” he said.

“We’re adding about $130bn a year to GDP – that is about 8.5% of GDP.

“Part of our job is to (promote that).”

Mr Davies praised the federal government for adding ‘Population’ to the portfolio of Cities and Urban Infrastructure.

“Personally I think it’s a very strong move by the government to put Population into the Cities portfolio. Our cities are under increasing pressure from population growth,” he said.

“I think population policy is one thing that we absolutely need.”

Mr Davies said there was a need for coastal shipping policy.

“The ALC represents the whole supply chain. The debate on coastal shipping has been going backwards and forwards for a number of years,” he said.

“It would be important to assess the reforms that were done in 2012… we need to get the right balance.”

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