Monday 19th Nov, 2018

How did the containers fall? Federal agencies set to investigate

Photo: AMSA
Photo: AMSA

CIRCUMSTANCES that led to 83 containers falling from the ship Y M Efficiency are to come under the microscope when the ship berths in Sydney.

A spokesperson for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority told Daily Cargo News that once the ship arrived in port, AMSA agents would assess it for compliance with the requirements of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention with regards cargo stowage and securing.

“The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has also indicated it will be investigating this incident,” the spokesperson said.

“AMSA understands that a salvage company has been appointed and is working with Roads and Maritime Services NSW to retrieve any debris which washes ashore.”

The spokesperson said ships should be alert to the possibility of debris between Stockton Beach and Port Stephens.

Ships that sight containers are asked to report their position to the Roads and Maritime Services NSW information line on 13 12 36.

Australian Peak Shippers secretariat Travis Brooks-Garrett said such incidents were becoming less prevalent as newer ships were built with more and higher lashing bridges between stacks.

“The key now is for the affected shippers to have access to immediate information regarding discharge planning, the discharge point and how the documentation will work,” Mr Brooks-Garrett said.

“The worst possible scenario is that the affected shippers face a period radio silence from the shipping line, the agent, the insurers and the port authority. Thankfully, the agent (Inchcape) has been in contact with us saying that they are meeting and will provide an update.”

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