Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

ICS publication on CO2 emissions released

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

THE International Chamber of Shipping has released a publication endorsing the International Maritime Organization’s adoption of a strategy for phasing out carbon dioxide emissions from the international shipping sector.

The ICS’s publication, “Reducing CO2 Emissions to Zero”, aims to explain what the agreement means for international shipping with its goas such as reducing the sector’s total greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 (when compared with 2008 levels).

In his introduction to the publication, ICS chairman Ebsen Poulsson wrote that the 50% reduction was a very ambitious goal, especially when trade and population growth are taken into account.

“While some governments would have preferred to see the adoption of even more aggressive targets, it should be remembered that a 50% total cut by 2050 can realistically only be achieved with the development and widespread use, by a large proportion of the fleet, of zero CO2 fuels,” he wrote.

“If this goal is successfully met, the wholesale switch by the industry to zero CO2 fuels should therefore follow very swiftly afterwards. We now expect discussions at IMO to begin in earnest on the development of additional CO2 reduction measures, including those to be implemented before 2023. ICS will continue to participate constructively.”

“Reducing CO2 Emissions to Zero” can be downloaded in full from the ICS website.

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