Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018

Inland container shuttle reduces port congestion

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

PORT congestion has been reduced and container volume increased 30% due to the launch of an inland container shuttle service in Europe, proponents say.

A partnership was launched earlier this year between deep-sea terminals, inland shipping companies and inland terminals to consolidate container cargo on the sailing route between Tilburg, Moerdijk and the Port of Rotterdam.

The addition of OCT resulted in about a 30% increase in container volume on this sailing route.

The partnership means vessels consolidate cargo at different terminals in Moerdijk, Tilburg and Oosterhout for one deep-sea container terminal in Rotterdam or vice versa.

OCT owner Arie Rietveld said the West-Brabant corridor was an example of reliability and good cooperation.

“That’s the reason we joined this,” Mr Rietveld said.

Director of container, breakbulk and logistics at the Port of Rotterdam, Emile Hoogsteden, said the more container freight was consolidated for transport to and from the hinterland, the better.

“This accelerates efficient handling in the Port of Rotterdam,” Mr Hoogsteden said.

Barge Terminal Tilburg, Combined Cargo Terminals and Moerdijk Container Terminals have been cooperating to consolidate cargo on the route between Tilburg, Moerdijk and the Port of Rotterdam since early 2018.

The initial results suggest the West-Brabant corridor has about 75% fewer deviations from the requested port call agreements at the terminals, compared with the average.

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