Thursday 13th Dec, 2018

January’s container trade through Melbourne up on Jan 2017

Ian Ackerman
Ian Ackerman

PORT of Melbourne handled more containers last month than it did in January 2017, but throughput decreased on December.

Containerised cargo through the Port of Melbourne in January was reported to be 237,881 TEU – a decrease of 4% on December 2017’s throughput, and an increase of 4% January 2017.

Empty containers accounted for 53,627 TEU, or 22% of the Port’s total container throughput last month.

Imports of full containers from overseas were 104,350 TEU (44% of the month’s total), while overseas exports were reported to be 53,910 TEU.

The Bass Strait trade accounted for 18,342 TEU of Melbourne’s throughput in January, with imports at 7149 TEU and exports at 11,193 TEU.

Coastal trade outside of the Tassie trade totalled 7652 TEU for the month, with 401 TEU imported and 7251 TEU exported.

Top containerised commodities traded through the port in January included miscellaneous manufactures, furniture, cereal grains and electrical equipment.

Over the month, Melbourne handled 28,364 motor vehicles, which equates to 471,069 revenue tonnes – the largest non-containerised commodity traded through the port over the month.

Dry bulk trade volume at the port came to 302,057 tonnes and liquid bulk was 455,096 revenue tonnes.

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